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Photon 180CLU 1825

Powered by Citizen CLU058

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  • Efficient Full spectrum white light with two Citizen CLU058 1825 COB LED
  • Efficient and reliable Meanwell HLP-80H LED drivers with Power Factor Correction
  • 100mm twist release glass lens maximizes coverage area and increases light penetration
  • Extra large 120mm Radial heatsinks and 120mm fan for exceptional performance, reliability and low operational noise
  • Dimmable LED drivers to reduce intensity while working with smaller areas
  • Daisy chain design to connect up to 4 lights to a single power outlet
  • Thermal and electrical fuse for reliable and safe operation

The Photon Series offers powerful integrated COB LED Horticulture lamp. We incorporated best components available in the market to create a high performance and reliable indoor Horticulture lamp. Each Photon 180 can cover 4 to 6 sq ft of a flowering footprint or up to 9 sqft of a vegetative foot print. Multiple panels can be connected for larger coverage.

Our lights use high efficiency COB's to create a full range white spectrum. Photon 180 features 100mm glass lens to maximize the light that reaches the grow area. The unique shape of the heatsink and lens increase performance and reliability by allowing air circulation near the LES. The lens holder can be easily twisted in anti clockwise direction to remove the glass lens for cleaning if required.The SSO2 bearing fans and large radial heatsink provide a class leading cooling for an efficient and reliable operation of LED with minimal output loss over time.



Wall Power Consumption 195 Watts
Coverage Area Flowering/Vegetative 4 to 6 sq ft / 9 sq ft
Optic Engine Twin Citizen CLU058-1825 COB at 1.6A with Meanwell HLP-80H
PPFD at 18 inches µmol (photons) m-2 s-1
Recommended distance 16 to 24 inches. 24 to 30 inches for seedlings
Output loss after 10,000hrs Less than 1%
Weight 10 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 13"x 13"x 6"
Warranty 3 years





Coverage Calculator

Number of photons in the 400-700nm range of the visible light spectrum are called photosynthetic active radiation or PAR. The intensity of this spectrum of radiation has a direct relation to plant growth. Photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) is measure of the number of photons in PAR range that fall on a square meter of target area per second. The chart below shows a typical PPFD levels and their corresponding levels of photosynthetic activity. While some other plants may benefit with PPFD levels up to 2000 provided by the sun, most plants give a very diminishing return after 700 when grown without CO2 supplementation. Use the scale at the bottom of the chart and see an optimal PPFD range for vegetative and flowering. A higher PPFD will have faster plant growth but may also make them more prone to nutrient deficiencies.

photosynthetic photon flux density

ppfd chart

This tool provides an estimate number of Photon 180CLU 1825 required to meet your coverage.

Coverage Area (sqft)
Number of Photon 180CLU 1825
PPFD in μMol/M-2 S-1

* Data calculated using Photon 180CLU 1825 at full power using 3500K 90 CRI spectrum. This tool is for estimate only and provides PPFD levels directly under the lamp at 18 inches. Actual levels of Photosynthetic radiation may vary depend on other factors such as reflective sides and mounting height.


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