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Premier LED Horticulture Lamps and LED Lighting Components

We offer premier LED Grow Lights that are efficient and deliver exceptional performance for many years with minimal maintenance. Our lights are powered with Chip on Board (COB) LED array and create an efficient broad spectrum white light suitable for a wide variety of indoor plants and herbs. We also offer pre drilled heatsinks, Boards and other LED Lighting Components for manufacturers and DIY'ers.

Photon 180 Horticulture Lamp

White Spectrum

We use  COB LED's to create an efficient full range spectrum white light. The individual isolated pigments from plants may have narrow peak responses. However plants show a high photosynthetic efficiency in a broad spectrum as demonstrated by the McCree RQE graph below. The white spectrum LED's provides a broad spectral output in 'Photosynthetically Active Radiation' range of 400nm to 700nm wavelengths. This wide spectrum white light prevents over saturation of chloroplasts with Red/Blue wavelengths and also increases light penetration to lower leaves. Our panels are available in spectrum between 3000K and 5000K. The 3000K works great for flowering/fruits. The 5000K has more blue and is good to minimize stretching of plants.  3500K and 4000K are great for both vegetative and flowering.

The broad white light spectrum also makes visual inspection of plants easy and is superior to traditional red/blue LED grow light spectrum that focuses on only few wavelengths. HPS spectrum may be full spectrum but it has sharp peaks and their light is focused in a narrow range of the spectrum.

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